Stock picking

ID France Smidcaps

Equity funds on French small and mid caps

Marc Réveillaud is the manager of the ID France Smidcaps Fund, and ensures :

  • Control of the risks associated with small-cap stocks
  • That investments are made with a “value” bias in quality companies

The main characteristics of the ID France Smidcaps fund are :

  • Investment in small and mid-cap listed French companies
  • Implementation of a robust and proven process
  • Sustainable outperformance of the benchmark
  • Control of volatility
  • A 7-year track record
  • 5 stars awarded by Morningstar
  • Eligibility for PEA, PEA-SMEs and life insurance contracts

Shanti Indiasean

Emerging equity fund

  • investment in the ASEAN region, the best possible base in terms of growth and quality of financial markets
  • combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis
  • focus on defensive stocks (high cash flow and capital return)

Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Prior to investing, please read beforehand the KIID of the UCITS available on our website: