Past performance does not guarantee future performance. They are not constant in time.


TWENTY FIRST CAPITAL brings together finance professionals in various asset classes.
They operate by ensuring that sound risk management is incorporated upstream of their management decisions.
These decisions are made based on a collective organisational structure.

How to subscribe?

Our funds are available for both life insurance and securities accounts.
They are available from most distribution & insurers platforms.

History of our expertises

  • August 2011


  • December 2011

    Launch of the credit range

    Rendement Court Terme
    Rendement Euro Plus (2012)
    Avenir PME Obligations (2012)
    TFC Dharma Fixed Income (2015)
    Rendement 2025 (ex R 2020) (2016)

  • December 2012

    Launch of the equity / multi assets range

    ID France Smidcaps (2013)
    Exclusif 21 (2014)
    TFC Dharma Equities (2015)
    Europe Smidcaps (2017)

  • November 2014

    Launch of the emerging expertise

    Shânti IndiAsean
    Shânti GEM Bonds

  • January 2015

    Real Estate

    OPCI approval

  • July 2015

    Launch of the alternative investment range

    TFC Tactical Long/Short

  • August 2016

    Launch of  Commodities expertise

    Diapason Commodities Funds