Private mandates

Our private asset management activity applies a rational approach to asset allocation.

It differentiates itself through :

  • Its ability to invest, according to the customer profile, in a wide range of financial instruments ;
  • A mix both discretionary and quantitative.

Our investment decisions are based primarily on proprietary tools for investment decision-making.

Key strengths of our private asset management offer :

  • close collaboration with professional investment advisors helping our clients to determine the profile best suited for each situation.

  • An ability to manage portfolios according to a profiled or completely discretionary management

  • A diversity of vehicles : French management mandates (securities accounts, PEA, life insurance) or life insurance vehicles under Luxembourg law.

Institutional mantes and dedicated funds

We have the resources and a proven track record in managing institutional mandates incorporating insurance-related, regulatory, accounting and solvency constraints.

Our aim is to meet two basic needs of institutional clients (mutual societies, insurance companies, etc.) :

We also manage multiple dedicated funds for institutional clients using the same philosophy as our management of institutional mandates (taking into account the special constraints of institutional clients and customised reporting / specific committees)

  • To adopt a style of financial management in line with their specific constraints.

  • To be able to meet customised reporting requirements integrating the regulatory and internal requirements of each institution (Solvency II services).

Our partners :

  • Custodian-account keepers : Banque Privée 1818, CM-CIC Securities, SGBT (Société Générale Bank & Trust) ;
  • FFSA insurance companies : Neuflize Vie ABN AMRO ;
  • Insurers – Commissariat aux Assurances luxembourgeois (Luxembourg Insurance Commission) : Allianz Life Luxembourg, Cardif Lux Vie, La Mondiale Europartner.