A proprietary financial analysis process

Our management team uses a proprietary financial analysis process that combines:

  • Fundamental analysis of issuers and issues ;
  • In-depth legal analysis of the issue documentation ;
  • Investment on all credit asset subclasses.

This management is based on a set of funds and mandates managed on behalf of institutional and private clients under different constraints.

Benjamin Perray manage :

Rendement Euro Plus

European bond fund

  • A medium-term credit fund investing mainly in European corporate bonds
  • The flexibility to target all alpha sources in the credit market
  • An analysis of investment proposals based on the “4Cs” (capacity, collateral, covenants, character)
  • Active management of the portfolio
  • A net annualised performance objective higher than the index Euro MTS 3-5 years +1%
  • control of volatility

Rendement 2025

Bond fund maturing

  • A short-term credit fund investing mainly in European corporate bonds having a term to maturity close to 2025
  • Using an internal tool for scoring the liquidity of issuers
  • Financial management favouring a “buy and hold” approach
  • An objective of net annualised performance higher than 4%
  • Low volatility

Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Prior to investing, please read beforehand the KIID of the relevant UCITS available on our website: http://twentyfirstcapital.com