TWENTY FIRST CAPITAL, la société de gestion

Paris (head office)

Twenty First Capital (TFC) was established in August 2011 by Stanislas Bernard.

TFC is one of the few independent investment management firms that is both multi-asset and multi-expertise. By drawing on its multi-specialist infrastructure and its entrepreneurial spirit, TFC aims to bring together the best talent in each area of expertise, to develop a range of specialised funds in the main asset classes – equities, government and corporate bonds, alternatives, real estate and others.

As at the end of December 2019, TFC had 20 employees and had over 2.7 billions euros in assets under management.


Luxembourg (branch office)

Our pan-European adventure began in 2016 with the opening of a branch in Luxembourg, a base for distributing our funds throughout Europe.

Subsidiaries and financial stakes

KIPLINK FINANCE (subsidiary)

In July 2017, Twenty First Capital acquired a majority interest in Kiplink Finance (51%), an investment management firm specialising in investment advisory and separately managed accounts.

This strategic partnership was born of a vision shared by Stanislas Bernard and Dorothée Marty, Chairperson of Kiplink Finance, to offer private clients access to best-in-class solutions that complement one another in separately managed accounts and asset management capabilities, while allowing each firm to preserve its independence and entrepreneurial spirit.

With this acquisition, Twenty First Capital now manages over 1.5 billion euros in consolidated assets.

To find out more about Kiplink Finance, go to its website at


EC21 (financial stake)

In September 2017, Twenty First Capital joined with European Capital Partners, a Luxembourg-based asset manager (and also our advisor for the Europe Smidcaps fund) and Colombo Wealth Management, a Swiss company specialising in corporate tax advisory and consulting, to create EC21. Combined assets under management amount to about 4.5 billion euros.

EC21 will offer a solution to European and Swiss independent wealth managers seeking a Luxembourg investment management platform with free provision of services (FPS) status, allowing them to focus on their core business of wealth management and family office services. EC21 will also assist private bankers wishing to serve their long-term clients fully independently, while working with several depositary banks in Luxembourg and abroad.