Real estate

Twenty First Capital assists institutional investors, family offices, and individuals with substantial wealth in structuring and managing real estate Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), covering a wide variety of financial vehicles.

Why choose real estate Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)?

A Regulated and Secure Product

The Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) provides you with the opportunity to operate in a regulated environment, thanks to the dual approval from the Autorité des marchés financiers (financial management company + AIF) and continuous oversight by the depository. The regulations also mandate transparency for the AIF, demonstrated through regular information provided to investors.

Funds Decoupled from the Stock Market

As a non-listed product, the AIF allows you to access real estate investment products without the constraints of market volatility and stock ownership.

Flexible Investment

Whether through club deals or dedicated funds, direct or indirect ownership (via any type of company such as SCI, SAS, etc.), leveraging, value-added or core investment strategy – the choice is yours!

Asset Structuring Tool

When individualized, the AIF enables the structuring of your entire investments, akin to a holding company.

Optimized Taxation

You benefit from various tax advantages, including corporate tax exemption for Professional Real Estate Investment Companies (OPPCI), and income tax exemption for individual associates of limited partnership companies (SLP)...

The advantages of management with Twenty First Capital

End-to-end support


Fund Structuring

Dedicated fund structuring in France and Luxembourg, origination of off-market deals in Île-de-France, financing research.


Fund Management

Accounting and administrative management, computation and publication of net asset values, treasury management (investment, distribution), liability management (subscriptions, redemptions).


Partnership Management

Selection of regulatory partners (depository, auditors, real estate experts, and appraisers), coordination of relationships between partners and regulatory authorities.


Risk Management

Mastering and resolution of conflicts of interest, decision-making and fund management processes in compliance with regulations.

Access to a broad ecosystem of partners

Banks, depositories, accountants, auditors, asset managers, real estate experts... Twenty First Capital takes care of guiding you towards the right partners and coordinating their actions to ensure the success of your project!

A flexible, experienced, and multi-expertise team

You are supported by a young, agile, innovative, and accessible team that knows how to make itself available and remain attentive to your needs. Additionally, you benefit from a wide range of complementary skills: banking and real estate audit, asset management, accounting, risk control, taxation... Our expertise extends well beyond real estate!